Visitor Records was founded by artist and music producer Lex Casciato during the coronavirus quarantine of 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.


Casciato had just released her long-awaited debut Little Warrior album Flight Risk and made an appearance as a lounge singer in the movie The Debt Collector 2 performing her original songs Run Run and Where Did You Go from her 2019 EP Lovesick. Casciato thought these events would be game-changers for her artist career, but soon felt totally defeated when seeing the stats and numbers. Despite numerous positive press reviews, listening was down. Casciato worried that independent artists with day jobs and shallow pockets would never get a leg up in an industry where you can buy followers and purchase playlist placements. 

Having worked as an advocate for commercially exploited youth, Casciato couldn't help but notice the exploitive nature of the music industry, so she determined that Visitor Records would amplify rather than exploit fellow music artists. Intent on bringing humanity back to the music industry, Casciato and her team of artists continue to explore creative ways for artists to make more money off their art than a business person who didn't even have a hand in the creation or promotion of the music.

Visitor Records is a family of artists committed to fostering community, creativity, transparency, and authenticity. When an artist joins Visitor Records, they become part of a family that edifies each another along the creative process, collaborates on compositions, and volunteers together throughout the year.

At Visitor Records, we aim to bring you music to make a numb world feel again and explore what it means to be human. The origins of the name itself comes from the idea that we're all just visiting this planet for a period of time, and when we leave, our music will remain behind as a record that we once existed.

So without further ado, get your listening devices ready, kick back, and listen while we entertain you for some time.


Thanks for visiting!

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